Weekend Money Diary #3: Housewarmings and Vet Visits

I love tracking my expenses in a spreadsheet, but as an avid reader of the money diaries at Refinery29 and The Luxe Strategist, I thought it’d be fun to share my weekend spending in the same storytelling format for my #WeekendMoneyDiary segment.


I stay at work late since I’m meeting up with Ari in Jersey City for my friend’s housewarming party. I’m excited to see this friend. It’s been more than a year since I last saw him, which is ridiculous because he lives so close! But with his medical school workload and my somewhat busy schedule, we haven’t made time to see each other.

I leave the office at 7:15pm and head to the PATH. Once I’m with Ari, we go to the supermarket, I pick up two sparkling ciders and a bag of Doritos. I’ve been trying to drink less this past year because I realized I was using it as a crutch at social events and shying away from conversations. – $10.24


We make another pit stop at an Italian restaurant around the corner from the party. Ari orders a Gimlet and I take a look at the specials. I’m not feeling adventurous today, so I order my usual eggplant parmesan and Ari goes with the cheddar burger, also typical of him. – $57.25

It’s 9:30pm by the time we leave the restaurant and head over to the housewarming. My friend is at the door letting people in when we get there and he immediately takes us on a house tour. The apartment is huge, but he does share the place with five friends. I’d love to move to Jersey City once Ari finds a full-time job. IMG-0283.JPG

We mingle and chat. I even take a shot of tequila. My mother texts me that my Abuelita will be landing from Chicago at 2am. Ari and I decide to go home before we need to pick her up. I’m falling asleep on our way to get her and fall asleep on our way home. I’m so grateful that Ari is always willing to help out with my family responsibilities.


Ugh. I have to wake up early to take Char to the vet for her 8:30am appointment. I really wish I could stay in bed, but Char has had on and off blood diarrhea and been vomiting white foam, so it’s time to have her checked out. I bring a sample of her stool and drive over. When we get there, Char is hysterical and shaking non-stop. I wonder if all dogs get this way, but then another skittish dog walks in and I feel less concerned. The vet mentions that many dogs have been coming in with the same symptoms, it could be nothing but she’ll call me on Monday when stool results are in. She gives me two medications for the diarrhea. -$149.03 

I hop back to bed as soon as I get home. After a quick hour of sleep, I’m ready for my jog with Char. We jog for about an hour… I really need to buy myself a new Fitbit band to time these jogs. Once I’m home, I get dressed for the local Families Belong Together March. I needed a ride but since my grandfather never came home with the car, I miss the march. I’m upset but there’s nothing I can do anymore so I donate to Raices, a Texas organization providing legal services to individuals detained at the border. -$20

Ari picks me up and we head to his house to work on our Iceland trip… WHY ARE WE STILL WORKING ON THIS. It’s been two hours and it’s about time for dinner. Because we are looking for something cheap, we go for Chipotle! Plastic Free July is right around the corner, so I bring my own fork. -$7.84

I’m babysitting tonight (I do this at least once every quarter, it’s my mini side-hustle), so Ari drops me off right after Chipotle. I sit on the porch to talk with my Abuelita before I need leave for work when suddenly my phone vibrates and it’s the mom I’m babysitting for tonight. She’s come down with heat exhaustion and cancels my babysitting shift. It’s bittersweet. I could’ve used the money, but I also didn’t want to babysit. I need to find a different side-hustle.

I call Ari and tell him what happened. He’s happy because we can now spend time together. He picks me up again and we go to his house to finish planning our trip. After an hour of planning Iceland, we watch the newest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. We fall asleep and then he takes me home.


Today’s my nephew Daniel’s baptism. I wake up bright and early at 9:30am and start getting ready for the event. Since there’s only one shower in our house, it serves me to be the first. I glam up while watching The Staircase.

We head to the church at 1pm. The baptism is quick, no more than an hour. I think it takes us longer to take pictures. My mom and sister’s (Gisselle’s) mother-in-law went all out with this and even hired a photographer.

The photographer isn’t even the half of what they spent and put into this event. I have no idea how extravagant it is until we get to the reception venue. Yes, there is a reception. Personally, I would be embarrassed to have a lavish party for a religious event, but it’s not my decision.

After being at the venue for about two hours, we can finally start eating… AND OMG is the food bad. I don’t want to offend my mom, who picked this place out, but I will have to tell her when the party is over.

At around 730pm, we leave the venue and head back to my house. I change into PJs and and sit in the living room with my family to talk about the day and drama that went down. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who thought the food sucked. Gisselle and JP (my brother-in-law) did too, they’re hungry so they order three personal pies. When the pies arrive, I eat two slices. I’m hungry but I’m also trying to eat better. I brush my teeth and head downstairs. I read for a bit and then go to sleep.

Total Weekend Spend- $234.12

Does anyone else feel weird about spending a lot of money on religious events? 

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